Helping You Fight Deportation And Removal

If you are originally from another country, but currently live in the United States, the threat of deportation can be devastating ― particularly if your family relies upon you for its well-being or if you face possible persecution in your home country.

Fortunately, the dedicated lawyers at the Law Office of Roni P. Deutsch can help if you or a family member is in danger of being deported. From start to finish, we will focus on your needs and the needs of your family, and develop a personalized legal strategy aimed at meeting your unique legal goals.

Fighting deportation and removal can be a complex process, with many detailed laws and difficult-to-understand procedures. Let us help you navigate the complicated immigration process and fight to keep you from being deported

No Matter The Situation, We Can Help

At the Law Office of Roni P. Deutsch, we have experience handling nearly every aspect of deportation cases, including, but not limited to:

  • Deportation defense at removal hearings
  • Application for asylum and/or withholding of removal, which may serve as a defense to deportation
  • Application for permanent residence based on family relationships or marriage
  • Cancellation of removal
  • Stay of removal
  • Application for a visa, which may prevent deportation
  • ICE holds (immigration detainer), which is when, following the criminal arrest of a noncitizen, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) asks local law enforcement to hold the noncitizen while it starts an investigation or decides to take him or her into custody
  • Prosecutorial discretion, which is when ICE decides whether or not to exercise its power to influence a deportation case in your favor

Whether you are facing deportation based on allegations of an unlawful entry, criminal charges, expiration of your visa or another situation that impacts your immigration status, we can review your case and help find the possible ways in which we can keep you safe from deportation.

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To speak to a skilled and knowledgeable attorney about your deportation concerns, contact the Law Office of Roni P. Deutsch and schedule a consultation. You can reach out to us online or call us toll free at 866-295-7754. While our office is located in Encino, we help individuals throughout Southern California and, in some instances, nationwide.